Mike Percey Reporting from Calema '05

Racing was very challenging here at Calema with light conditions 10-13mph during most of the racing; starts being the most difficult ,with a start line the length of a cal cup line and 89 aggressive racers trying to start with little wind to spare.
Race 1:
I started looking for an opening at the boat , but it was jammed with 20+ boards at the start boat transom , I ran down the line going around numerous pileups and downed sailors to finally get a decent start with speed right at the pin. I rounded the weather mark in approx 17th place, picked off a couple racers on the downwind and a couple more on the upwinds . I had no challengers from behind but couldn't catch the rest of the pack ahead in time, ending in 13th.
Race 2:
Same fiasco! could not find room to start full length of the line, at 35 seconds to go i jibed at the far end of the line and headed back at the fleet on port, getting a near perfect start crossing the whole fleet with exception of Gonzalo who I ducked to be safe. I went to the far right side of the course with everyone else going left. Hit a good lay line for the weather mark and rounded in the top 5 and waved at Devon who was stuck on the weather mark line. I was able to hold off everyone from behind except Devon , who was just flying down wind, as we rounded the bottom mark , Devon and two other racers were gassing me badly, I had speed and should have hung in there , but I decided to tack of to the left side of the course. The wind was very light over there and I fell back 5-6 places with the light wind and a double tack, as Devon and 3or 4 others made the lay line in one tack.I picked off a couple of racers on the second DDW. and 3-4 more on the second port upwind. as I tacked over for the weather mark on starboard I was a bit over powered on my 11.6 and wasn't holding very good angle with gusts around 17-18 (windiest of the whole day)and two sailors got past me as I struggled to get over the top mark. Finishing in tenth.With my struggle fresh in mind , I switched down to my 10.8 for the 3rd. race: which turned out to be the lightest wind of the three races!
no wind no room 2/3 of the fleet are slogging , I flop onto port tack mid line 10 seconds after the horn and finally get out of there! I round the weather mark 25 +deep . By the Downwind mark Ive gotten back to around 18th.By the second upwind (long port tack] Ive pulled up to 12th . and am able to fly by two more on the drag race reaching finish to end up with another overall.
Finish Position:
8th overall [ thanks to 4 top pros that had to carry over early scores] first grand daddy's, and 1st. amateur.
equip. 11.6 windwing , gulftech mast and booms, deb. 13-64 fin, ml L5 board, GUL wetsuit, cytosport energy supplements to keep the old guy going...
Thanks to all my sponsors for their continued support!
Mike Percey usavyv.

Final Calema Midwinters 2005 Results